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Physical Foaming Foam-skin Filler Rod Extrusion Line

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High-Pressure Physical Foaming Foam-skin Filler Rod Extrusion Line

FIRST, equipment description:


The production line is mainly used for extruding all kinds of small size HDPE foaming filler rope.


The production line is driven by AC motor and frequency converter,The temperature control adopts imported Japanese RKC instrument and PID regulation feedback.


The system adopts imported MITSUBISHI 10.4 'touchscreen and SIEMENS PLC computer programming synchronization control,Touch screen display、set and monitor extrusion、traction operation parameters and linear speed, meter and so on.


The production line is equipped with overhead magnetic powder tension accumulation and double spool take-up and winding machine, so it can be continuously produced without stopping.

SECOND, line equipment configuration and technical parameters:


1, SJ-65 x 34 extruder (including crosshead and die): 1 sets.

 30Kw AC motor drive, hard gear reducer and Kaf brake head.

 BM screw, the ratio of length to diameter is 34:1.


2, equipped with 100Kg automatic feeding and drying machine: 1 sets.


3, 14m stainless steel cooling water trough: 1 sets.


4,Stainless steel sink and blow drying device: 1 sets.


5,laser diameter measuring instrument: 1 sets.


6,500 type single belt traction machine: 1 sets.

 Flat belt pressure wheel structure, 2.2Kw AC motor drive, worm gear reducer transmission;

 The diameter of chrome plated traction wheel is: 500mm.


7,Magnetic powder tension accumulation: 1 sets.

 overhead wire acculated structure, The structure of multi piece guide wheel, The diameter of pulley and fixed wheel is: 270mm; AAC 1.5Kw motor drives magnetic powder clutch to control pulley tension, tThe tension is maintained in the production line by tension setting.

 Length of storage line: 200m.


8,ø800 Type double spool take-up and winding machine: 1 sets.

 Longmen's shaftless structure, electric lift, manual clamping.

 Driven by AC 3.0Kw motor, take-up driven by Biaxial magnetic powder clutch group,and polished rod weinding.

 suitable for take-up specifications: ø800×600-ø80mm.


9, electrical control system: 1 sets.

 standard cabinet,The wiring is marked by cable number,All grounding wires and shells of the equipment are reliably grounded,The system uses imported MITSUBISHI 10.4 'touchscreen and SIEMENS PLC computer programming to synchronize control.

The extruder and traction are controlled by the European Rui inverter.

The sinusoidal inverter is used to speed up the take-up.

Low voltage electrical appliances adopt CHINT or Schneider brand,Electrical installation is up to IEC standard.

 6 stage temperature control heating (body 220V, 4 stage heating, die 220V, 2 stage heating).

Imported RKC temperature control instrument,Solid state relay output,

PID feedback.

10, production line power:  60Kw


11,Production line length: 24m


12, production line speed: ø1.7mm high quality HDPE filler rope up to 300 m/min

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