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Pultrusions Machine of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) for Optical Fiber Cable

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Pultrusions Machine of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP)for Optical Fiber Cable

Layout of Pultrusions Machine used for Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) for Optical Fiber Cable

PART ONE, Application:

Used for producing non-metallic Fiberglass reinforced Plastic core(FRP) of optical fiber cable.

Diameter of FRP rod:Φ0.4-Φ5.00mm,such as 0.4mm,0.5mm,0.6mm,0.7mm,0.8mm,1.0mm,2.0mm,2.3mm,3.0mm etc.

FRP Test Item

Unit (or Condition)Technical Parameter
Smooth surface, no bur, no crack
Diameter Tolerance


Tensile StrengthMPa≥1100
Elastic Tensile ModulusGPa≥50
Bending StrengthMPa≥1100
Flexural ModulusGPa≥50
Elongation at Break%≤4
Coefficient of Linear Expansion1/°C (-30°C ~ +80°C)≤8×10-6
Heat Shrinkage%0
Water Absorption%≤0.1
Minimum Bending Radiusmm (20°C ± 5°C)40D
High Temperature Bending Performance(50D, 100°C, 120h)

No bur, no crack, no break, smooth surface, back

to original straight

Low Temperature Bending Performance(50D, -40°C, 120h)No bur, no crack, no break, smooth surface, back to   original straight
Twisting Test±360°/mNon-disintegration

Pultrusion is a manufacturing technology that continuously producing composite rod. The begins with untwisted glass fiber roving impregnate fully with reinforced materials (e.g. Vinyl ester resin). Then it comes to go through the certain cross-sectional rod mold and curing occurs straightly out of the mold.

For  Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic which have a certain cross section, the pultrusion process has its obvious advantages. 

Firstly, since the pultrusion process is an automated continuous production process, compared with other techniques, it has the highest production efficiency. 

Secondly, utilization of raw materials on pultrusion products is the highest, generally, the utilization can reach to 95%. Most importantly, pultruded rods have the lowest cost, excellent performance, stable quality and beautiful appearance. 

Due to those advantages FRP products are replacing metal, plastic, wood, ceramics and other materials, and is widely used in optical cable, chemical, petroleum, construction, electricity, transportation, municipal engineering and other fields.

PART TWO, Main technical parameters:

1,structure speed: 5-15m/min

2,applicable voltage:380V 50HZ

3,total power: 30kw

4,take-up spool size: PN500 

PART THREE, Detailed specification:

1,Creel Stand / fibreglass Roving Stand

bookcase-type shelves,Similar structural steel with welding.

guided through ceramic guide bushes.

Storing capacity about 120 creels.

2,Roving Guides Plates

honeycomb structure are supplied with ceramic bushes.

3,Resin  Impregnating Trough

Fabricated form Stainless Steel double layer,Shape like a double deck bathtub contained a 

set of guide roller on the slot.

Heating plate heating temperature arbitrarily.

have a drain plug for emptying the resin mix.

The introduced reinforcing glassfibre are pulled through an impregnating trough containing Vinyl ester or Epoxy resin system.

Resin Capacity: 25–50 Litter

4,Pultrusion Mold / Dies

Three functional areas:Preformed die zone,curing die zone,cured and shaped die zone.

Heating pipes are heated inside the steel plate,Heat of steel plate reconduction heating die,The die may be heated by electrical cartridges, by strip heaters,or by hot oil.

The reinforcing fibre impregnated with the resin system are heated in the mould and shaped into the desired rod form

Precision machined, mirror polishing finished,hard chrome plated die using special mould steel.

5,Boom type touch screen control system

SIEMENS PLC control,Using a 10 inch color display screen.

The length, speed and parameters of the yarn are displayed on the screen.

6,Pultrusion Wrap Capstan

The Single Wheel Capstan is the main capstan used for the pultrusion lines.This style of capstan is preferred for crush sensitive cables.This type of capstan ensures that the product is pulled smoothly and evenly and maintains a good grip on the product.

Single cast iron wheel with a 630mm diameter are used.One wheel is driven and covered with 400mm wide rubber.The capstan is driven with an AC Motor and gearbox configuration. A digital encoder can be mounted with the capstan for length and speed feedback.

Maximum Pulling Force: 1000 N

Maximum Rod Diameter: 5 mm

Wheel Diameter: 630 mm


A total of 40 reels.

Winding mechanism: 20 heads per group; 10 row 2 level symmetrical discharge.





Layout of Pultrusions Machine used for Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) for Optical Fiber Cable

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