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Fiber Optic Cable Sheathing Line

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1,Application of Machine

Optic-cable inner sheathing:include PVC coat, aluminum tape plus PE inner coat.

Fiber optic cable out coat: included PVC plus aluminum tape plus PE out coat,  steel tape plus PE out coat.

Sheathing for parallel double steel wire loose tube optical fiber.



(2)Tension controller

(3)Passive hyolraulic oscillating steel wire pay-off stand

(4)Water-proof tape pay-off device

(5)Steel(aluminum) tape corugator

(6)SJ90-25 Extruder

(7)Cooling water trough

(8)Blow dryer device

(9)Diameter measuring system

(10)Electric spark detector

(11)Hot sealer

(12)800kg pneumatic caterpillar

(13)Take - up tension controller

(14)Suspended single-armed arch-type take -up and pay-off stands


3,Technical Data

Line speed : 60m/min

Cable core diameter : φ5-φ30(mm)

Cable-sheath outer diameter: φ7-φ38mm

Opertion direction : left to right ( or as customer like )

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