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Equipment composition:

1.Steel wire pay-off

2.FRP(KFRP, AFRP) pay-off

3.Loose tube pay-off

4.Optical fiber pay-off

5.Extruding group

6.4m hot trough and Constant temperature water tank

7.12m Cooling trough

8.Blowing dryer

9.Diameter gauge


11.Dual-axis laser diameter gauge

12.Wheel Capstan



15.Electric controlling system

First, equipment use and summarizes

  The production line use for the production of butterfly type FTTH drop cable,

Such as GJXV, GJXFV, GJXH, GJXFH, GJYXCH, GJYXFCH and other structures 1 ~ 4 fiber butterfly type optical drop cable;Extrusion materials suitable for PVC, flame retardant PE, low smoke halogen free (LSZH) etc.;All the products meet the requirements of the "YD/T1997-2009 bow-type drop optical fibre cables for access network" standard.

 The production line extruder motor, traction control system using MITSUBISHI 10.4 'touch screen, SIEMENS PLC programming control, Danfoss inverter;winding with AC servo driving control system, which can not only be the linkage control, but also can be controlled by single action;The screw speed, the production line speed, the extruder current, the traction current and other parameters can be set,display,operate on the touch screen.

  The production line is advanced, high degree of automation, intuitive parameters, safe operation, convenient;High stability and reliability,FTTH drop cable out diameter uniform, surface smooth and high production speed,Is the leading technology FTTH drop cable production equipment.



Second, the main technical parameters

1, fiber payoff spool specifications: ø265×ø25.4×180mm (50Km standard spool)  

2, fiber payoff tension: 0.4 ~ 1.5N (adjustable)

3, FRP payoff spool specifications:ø400×ø56×300mm(PN400 spool)

4, steel wire payoff spool specifications:ø250×ø37×185~215mm

5, FRP/steel wire outer diameter:ø0.4~ø0.6mm

6, FRP/steel wire payoff tension: 2 ~ 10N (adjustable)  

7, self-supported steel wire payoff spool specification:ø760×ø80×400~450mm

8, self-supporting wire diameter:ø1.0mm

9, double take-up spool specifications:ø400×ø60×300~320mm,ø500×ø56×315~375mm(PN500B)

10, single take-up spool specifications:ø800×ø80×600mm(PN800 spool)

11, take-up tension: 5-20N (adjustable)  

12, speed of production line:~80m/min

13, center height of production lines:1000mm

14, power of production line:~50Kw

15, installation layout of production line:~33(L)×3.2(W)×2.5(H)m

16, production line operation direction: from left to right(or determined by the user)  

17, production line color: sea blue(or determined by the user) 

Third, equipment configuration and description

1, 800 type magnetic powder tension steel wire pay-off: 1 sets

①Rocker type shaftless structure,Loading and unloading reel: electric lift,

Manual screw clamping and relaxation; 

②50N.m Magnetic powder brake control tension, tension range: 0~200N;

③Steel wire diameter:ø1.0mm;

④Steel wire wheel specifications:ø760×ø80×400~450mm.

2, the upper part of the 2 ways optical fiber drived payoffs, The lower part, 2 ways FRP (or steel wire) drived payoffs: 1 sets

①Integrated cabinet,2 way suspension shaft type optical fiber payoffs on Upper part, 2 way shaftless thimble type FRP (or steel wire) payffs structure on lower part,Beautiful appearance;Loading and unloading reel are fastly clamped with core shaft lock for suspension shaft type optical fiber payoffs,Convenient and fast for loading and unloading optical fiber reel;Loading and unloading reel are manually clamped with screw nut,Safe, reliable and convenient.

②upper 2 fiber payoffs are driven by 0.55Kw×2 AC motors,Aluminum alloy worm gear reducer drive,Danfoss inverter control,PID adjustment,Multi wheel group dancer control high precision potentiometer feedback speed signal,Local control for each disk through switch;The payoff stand is an independent drived machine,Complete tracking line speed,Automatic adjustment optical fiber payoff’s speed,And always keep the fiber tension constant.

③lower 2 FRP(or steel wire) payoffs are driven by 1.5Kw×2 AC motors,Synchronous belt drive,Danfoss inverter control,PID adjustment, ø125 wheel group dancer control high precision potentiometer feedback speed signal,Local control for each disk through switch;The payoff stand is an independent drived machine,Complete tracking line speed,Automatically adjust the payoff speed,And keep the core tension constant.

④Fiber driven payoff speed:~100m/min

⑤Fiber driven payoff tension:0.4~1.5N(Adjustable)

⑥FRP (or steel wire) driven payoff speed:~100m/min

⑦FRP (or steel wire) driven payoff tension:2~10N(Adjustable)

⑧Fiber reel specifications:ø265×ø25.4×180mm(50Km Standard spool)

⑨FRP reel specifications:ø400×ø56×300mm(PN400 spool)

⑩Steel wire reel specifications:ø250×ø37×185~215mm.

3, fiber preheating device: 1 sets

①Double layer stainless steel clamshell structure;

②PHILPS 500W infrared lamp with reflector.

4, SJ-65×25 extrusion machine: 1 sets

①BM screw 1 (suitable for extrusion of flame retardant PE material and flame retardant PVC material),And low smoke halogen free screw 1 (suitable for flame retardant low smoke halogen free material),Screw length diameter ratio 25:1;

②18.5KwAC motor drive,Hardened surface Gearbox;

③Extrusion amount:~ 80Kg/h;

④5 stages heating: the cylinder 3 section, the cross-head 2 paragraph. 

5、Special kafe brake type cross-head for FTTH drop cables(tips/die,User self allocation):1 sets

①Self centering and free adjustment cross-head,SUS136 stainless steel is used as the cross-head material,Vacuum quenching processing,Diverter made of 38CrMoALA steel,The rest uses 40Cr steel,All nitrogen treatment;

②Suitable for flame retardant low smoke halogen free material, flame retardant PE material and flame retardant PVC material.

6, configure 75Kg automatic feeding, drying machine: 1 sets

7, 3m double layer stainless steel hot water trough (can be moved back and forth 400mm): 1 sets 

8, 0.2m³ stainless steel constant temperature water tank: 1 sets

①The hot water tank is a double layer structure, the stainless steel heater, the hot water circulation system uses the water pump to transport, has the automatic water supply, overflow device;

②RKC temperature control instrument control, PID adjustment feedback, temperature control range: room temperature ~80℃.

9, 10m stainless steel cooling water trough (including drying device): 1 sets

①The cooling water trough is made of stainless steel,adjusting the amount of water by the ball valve;

②Drying device use half in pairs structure,The threading operation is convenient.

10, XY two-way diameter gauge: 1 sets

11, 500 type single wheel belt wrap capstan: 1 sets

①Flat belt roller structure, 2.2Kw AC motor drive, worm gear reducer drive;

②Chrome traction wheel diameter:ø500mm

③Photoelectric meter,Can display nine digits, traction speed:~100m/min。

12, ink-jet printing machine: 1 sets (user self)

13、overhead magnetic powder tension accumulator:1 sets

①Overhead accumulator structure,The pulley and the fixed wheel multi piece wheel group,AC 1.5KW motor driven magnetic powder clutch to control pulley tension,Through the tension setting,Let the tension in the production (storage line) to maintain a constant process,High precision sensor speed measurement,The meter wheel rotates in a single direction to ensure the meter precision.

②Take-up tension:5-20N(Adjustable)

③Accumulating length:100m

④Pulley and the fixed wheel diameter:ø270mm。

14, ø500 double reel take-up and winding machine: 1 sets

①With shaft type structure,AC 3.0Kw motor drive,Aluminum alloy worm gear reducer,Biaxial magnetic powder clutch group transmission,Drive take-up reel;

②Delta 750W AC servo system drive screw move around to wind,SIEMENS TD400, PLC programming control,The winding speed is always synchronized with the take-up speed;Through TD400 settings, can meet the requirements of different winding pitch;The reversing device adopts adjustable mode,Can be adjusted according to the width of the reel,To ensure that the winding and change direction in a reasonable position;

③Can be arbitrarily set to the length of the winding reel,Automatic stop after receiving the preset length,Manual chang-over reel;

④The production line is equipped with overhead magnetic powder tension accumulating, so it can be continuous production without break.

⑤Specification for take-up reel: ø400×ø60×300~320mm,ø500×ø56×315~375mm

15, ø800 type single reel winding and take-up machine: 1 sets

①Gantry type shaftless structure,The reel is controlled by electric lifting and manual screw clamping;

②AC 4.0Kw motor drive,Aluminum Alloy worm gear reducer transmission,

smooth rod winding displacement;

③Specification for take-up reel:ø800×ø80×600mm(PN800 spool)。

16, electrical control system: 1 sets

①Standard rittal cabinet specification,Wire mark in electric cabinet wiring,Mark with Numbering jet printing machine,Clearly visible,Have reliable grounding for all ground wires and shells of the equipment;

②Electronic control system uses MITSUBISHI 10.4 'touch screen,SIEMENS PLC programming control, Danfoss inverter speed control;The whole equipment can be centralized control, but also single action control;Screw speed, production line speed,extruder current and other parameters can be displayed and set operation on the touch screen;Production operations are achieved through the Man-machine interface,Control system including process monitoring,Process menu system, parameter setting, real-time display, alarm monitoring, etc.;

③6 stage temperature control heating(extruder body 220v、3 stage heating,cross-head and mould 220v、2 stage heating,Constant temperature water tank  220v、1 stage heating),Solid-state relay output,Using RKC temperature control instrument, PID adjust feedback;

④Low voltage electrical equipment using Tianshui 213 products,Schneider or other brands,Electrical installation conforms to IEC international standard.

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