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Optical Fiber Secondary Coati

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1,Application of Machine
mainly suitable for extruding of loose tube in which 2-12 cores optic fiber are contained and filler element of 1.5-3.5mm.
 (1)12 optic-fiber payoff
 (2)SZ Oscillator for optic-fiber
 (3)Gel filling device and bubble remover device
 (4)One extruder SJ4525 and one self-centre head(with feed and compound dryer device)
 (5)4M Hot water trough
 (6)Hot water tank
 (7)Over-length pulling wheel 800mm
 (8)12M cooling trough
 (9)Cooling water tank (with refrigerating device)
 (10)blow dryer device
 (11)Diameter control system
 (12)Caterpillar (with tension control device)
 (14)Double reels semi-auto change take-up device PN800
 3,Technical Data

     optic-fiber number max
pay-off tension0.4-1.5N
optic-fiber reel sizeФ236×Ф160×108
SZ stranding angle±340°
Hot water temperature75℃±2℃
pulling tension2.5—10N
take-up tension2.5—6.5N
take-up reelPN800
line speed120m/min (Ф3.0)
     200m/min (Ф2.0)
tube dia.(Ф1.5—Ф3.5)mm
over-length accuracy0—3.5‰±0.5‰

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