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Optical Fiber Tight Buffering Line

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1,Application of the Machine
 Used for the quick extruding of sheathed optic-fiber
 ①Double-headed or one-headed optic-fiber pay-off stand
 ②Constant temperature Optic-fiber drying device
 ③Extruding until (including feeding and drying device)
 ④Head (including vacuum exhauster)
 ⑤Movable 4-meter-long hot water trough (moving within 300mm)
 ⑥Hot water tank
  8-meter-long cool water trough
  Blow dryer device
  Diameter measuring device
 ⑦φ400 wheeled caterpillar
 ⑧Take-up and pay-off devices
 3,Technical Data

Line speed300m/min
Diameter of sheathed optic-fiberφ0.6~φ0.9
Fiber diameterφ0.25~φ0.4
Dimensions of pay-off reelcorning reel or as customers like
Dimensions of take-up reelPN400
Fiber pay-off tension0.3N~1.5N±0.05N
Take-up tension of sheathed optic-fiber1N~4N±0.2N

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