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ptical Fiber UV Coloring and Rewinding Machine

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1,Application of the Machine
 mainly used to color the surface of optic fibers, easy to identify the multi-fibers within the loose tube,Also used to rewind fibers.
 ①Movable optic-fiber pay-off unit    
 ②UV Curing Oven      
 ③Take-up and pay-off tension control unit
 ④Fiber coloring and material supply system
 ⑤Traversing direction unit
 ⑥Capstan and counter unit    
 ⑦Take-up and traversing unit,
 3,Technical Data

Coloring speed1000-1200m/min
Rewinding speed≤1500 m/min
Thickness of coloring layer3-5μm
Pay-off and Take-up tension0.4N-1.2N±0.05N
Traversing pitch0.2-1.5mm
Extra-attenuation after coloring≤0.02dB/Km
Optic-fiber reel size (max.)W300mm、DIAФ350mm、W5kg、axle holeФ25.4 (25km/50km盘)
Overall dimension of the equipment(length×width×height)L×W×H(1900mm×1000mm×2000mm)
Overall weight800kg
Power supplyThree-phase five wire 3×380V±10%, 50HZ±2%

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