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Intelligent, Precision and Unmanned Transverse Device for On-line reel-winding of Indoor and Outdoor fiber Optic Cable Sheathing line

Jun 12, 2019

Intelligent, Precision and Unmanned Transverse Device for On-line reel-winding of Indoor and Outdoor fiber Optic Cable Sheathing line

Structural sketch of cable Transverse and Take-up

1- take-up device2- transverse device3- well frame11- reel12- Tension bar13- Motor14, take-up frame15- Motor16- Gears17- Rack18- grating ruler20- transverse frame21- guide wheel set22- guide rod23- guide wheel set24- pulley.

Technical Parameters:

Winding speed Max. 150m/min

Winding tension 30N~300N

Reel diameter  0.8M~2M

Barrel  Min. 400mm

Cable Max. diameter 30mm

Cable type Any cables

Power  1.5Kw

Advantages: This device mainly used for traversing and taking up all cables, optimal safety, in stead manual take-up cables, reducing the security risksAnd it ensure uniform winding quality and no cable crossing.

In the current cable production, there are following issues: such small wire as bare

fiber and fine wire would have better automatic winding effect in the production line when there is take-up procedure. In the take-up procedure of rough wire (such as optical cable), since the wire is rough with larger tension and the wire tray is larger, it is customized with wood and the difference is larger, there would be uneven distribution, rearrangement and leakage in the process of traverse motion. To improve the situation, we develop an efficient, stable, accurate and automatic cable winding system. The system requires the winding tight, beautiful, avoiding overlapping and collapses such atmospheres. The real time testing of cable production parameters (winding speed, Real-time detection) is achieved.


As follows:

(1) The design of the optical system was mainly placed in the camera and light source, so that the position of the camera and coil at the optimal distance, which can better capture the image. The dual camera can detect the cables on both sides of the wire coil to the edge. Selected the appropriate optical device for the drawing system and the compact size can meet the needs of industrial production site. The bar light source is suitable for lighting a wider object. And we used an image capture card to improve the image transmission.

(2) Cable to edge detection: the use of image processing to determine whether the cable winding to the edge. Firstly, binarized the grayscale, and then used the edge operator to extract the outer edge of the cable which wound around the disc. The pit between baffle and cable was found by the concave and convex point detection. Removed the baffle on the left side of the pits. Finally, by finding the maximum slope of the point to determine the distance from the cable to the edge. Which can better complete reverse line of the pay-off machine utomatically.

(3) The camera drawing and motion control software system were designed.Through the operation software set a variety of parameters, which made the image acquisition and pay-off line of the cable more intelligent.

(4) The pay-off structure can fix the cable to prevent jitter and be able to select the movement mode in the longitudinal and lateral directions according to the feedback to the side. Through the field testing, the detection rate of cable to the edge could reach more than 99%. Real-time adjustment of the speed of the cable machine could reduce the error of the cable winding. Automatic cable photoelectric detection and roll system can be a very good realization of the automation of cable winding. At present, there is no similar coiling system has been reported in the domestic cable manufacturers. There have no relevant academic report in foreign as well. 

This special set of equipment,Has been widely used by YOFC, fiberhome, Hengtong, ZTT,Greatly improved automation and efficiency.

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